Saving Baltic Wharf

Baltic Wharf is the name given to the boatyard that sits on the southern bank of the Dart River at Totnes. The wharf is a busy marine and business centre situated at the tidal head of the river, and is the only boatyard on the river that can receive boats up to 50ft long by road transport depending on the weight.

There are many marine related businesses including boat repairs, rigging and marine engineers. It is also home to Valeport, an engineering company that produces oceanographic, hydrographic and hydrometric instruments.

In an area where reliable, year-round, rewarding employment can be a challenge to find, the wharf is absolutely crucial for the economy of Totnes and the surrounding area.  

However, there exist plans to reduce the boatyard to a third of its current size and to build up to 175 dwellings on the rest of the site.

The Lib Dems are campaigning for the Baltic Wharf site to be developed into a Centre of Marine Excellence and Skill, building on the current facilities and potentially creating 100s of well paid,  skilled jobs that will benefit the whole district and contribute to the greening of the local economy.

We do not want to see businesses pushed out so that more expensive waterside homes can be built, many of which are liable to end up being used as holiday homes for occasional visitors.