A381 at Harbertonford

The A381 from Totnes to Kingsbridge carries about 12,000 vehicles per day through the village of Harbertonford.

The zebra crossing (pictured) is simply dangerous. There are regular near-misses and pedestrians reporting frightening experiences.

But there have been no fatalities yet, so Devon Highways (DH) will do nothing.

"Very soon after getting elected I started getting complaints about the zebra-crossing in Harbertonford. When I looked into the history it appeared that the Parish Council had been trying to get something done for over 10 years," said Cllr John McKay. 

He soon found that making any kind of progress was painful - you can read more about his thoughts on the inadequacy of Devon Highways here

As a result of this report, compiled by Cllr John McKay, a plan was finally produced by Devon Highways, but so far it has got no further due to the £30+ million hole in Devon County Council's budget. And it looks like it won't go anywhere in the near future. 

Cllr McKay will do everything he can to keep this as an issue that must be addressed before someone does get seriously injured or worse.